Jon Rumley

Jon Rumley has been the teaching or senior Pastor at Evergreen since 1988. He is a graduate of Taylor University (1975 – BA) and Grace Theological Seminary (1982 – ThM). Pastor Jon has over 30 years of ministry experience.

Jon’s ministry passion is to teach and preach the Bible in an understandable and compelling manner. His conviction is that in the Bible, God has given everything necessary for life and godliness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Nona Rumley works alongside Jon in his pastoral ministry, particularly as he is called upon for counseling. She is his greatest encourager and closest confidant. God has given Jon & Nona two children, Heather and JC. Heather is a missionary to South Africa with Evangelical Baptist Missions and JC is a growing teen in the Michigan City schools.

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Our Pastor:

Jon Rumley

Senior Pastor