AWANA Sparks

Sparks are children in kindergarten through the second grade – full of enthusiasm, energy and potential!

Children in these grades have an abundance of energy! To work effectively with them, that characteristic must be taken into account.

In the Sparks club, everything is designed to help these “live wires” sparkle like fireflies as they grow toward their full potential in Christ.

Game time allows them to participate in activities appropriate to their abilities and helps get the wiggles out

Sparkle time puts the children in small groups with caring leaders who will help them succeed in their individual achievement.

Green meadows council time includes a song time that is LOUD! Then the children receive Bible instruction from a teacher skilled in keeping children on the edge of their seats.

Sparkies look forward to coming back week after week for new experiences!

Click here to download a printable schedule of nightly themes for 2012-2013