IMG_2380Preschool ministry is a very special and important aspect of church life and ministry. From infancy through Kindergarten children need protection, tender care and sensitive instruction that works in recognition of their developing capabilities. They are not just “the church of the future” but a very important part of church life and ministry today!

At Evergreen, we take preschool ministry very seriously. We believe parents should be able to bring their children to church and be confident that their children’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are well met.


Our goal is not to take the place of the family in any sense, but to come alongside young parents and assist them in raising children who know and love Jesus Christ. As infants, our ministry allows parents to enjoy the ministry of a Sunday School class and the worship services with assurance that their child is being carefully cared for and the parents will be immediately notified of any problem. As the children get older, they can work out their energy in a safe environment and with some educational content as well. By the time they enter kindergarten, children involved in our preschool ministry will be helped by having experience getting along with other children, expressing themselves appropriately in a class, and developing simple motor and verbal skills. All of this comes in the context of also learning the truth of God’s Word

IMG_2385Our preschool ministry encompasses Sunday School classes, Children’s Church, AWANA Cubbies, and general nursery care during all worship and special services.